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Benno Accessory compatibility chart


Boost Gen 1-3

Boost Gen 4




Utility Rear Rack #1 PLUS
Utility Rear Rack #3 PLUS
Jump Seat Rear Rack
Mini Sideloader Set
Mini Front Tray*
Utility Front Tray*
Front Tray Basket
Utility Front Tray Bag
City Pannier Bag**
Utility Pannier Bag**
XXL Trunk Bag
Yepp Easyfit Baby Seat Adapter***
High Rail
High Rail PLUS
Half Rail
Half Rail PLUS
Platform Cargo Rail
Platform Cargo Rail PLUS
Rail Clamp Set
Rail Clamp Set PLUS
Rail Pad
Rack Pad (half-size)
Boost Wheel Guard Set
RemiDemi Passenger Kit
Quick Release Seat Clamp
Boost Tank Plate
Dual Kickstand
XL Side Kickstand
Leather Mudflap****
Trailer Adapter (for Thule)
Dual Sport Tire
Knobby Dirt Tire
Studded Snow Tire


*Available in black or red

**Panniers priced at and sold individually

***Baby seat adapter only needed for Boost EVO 1, 2, and 3 models, eJoy, and eScout; not needed for Boost EVO 4 and later

****Available in black or brown

Updated on December 21, 2022

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