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How Can I get the most from my tires?

Here are a few tips on how to care for your tires. Though they are one of the more often replaced components, they are also one of the more important parts of any bicycle. Not only do they do the obvious, assist in making the bike move,

In case you get a flat: It’s always a good idea to have at least a few spare tubes at home, and at least two for the road, in case you need to change a flat when out on a ride. Not too sure how to change a flat? Check out this video by ParkTool.

Puncture protection: Extra thick tubes are not necessary, but can be a good application for flat prevention. In addition, some brands of tire liners, such as Tannus brand tire liners, work well to prevent flats by protecting the tube from punctures.

Tire boots, different from tube patches, are also available and work well to extend the life of a tire when it is not worn out but has a puncture that would damage a new inner tube.

The best tires for electric bikes: When it’s time to replace your tires, a heavier, thicker tire capable of handling the weight and speed of an eBike is usually the way to go. Electric bike-rated tires are always preferred, but sometimes a non-eBike rated tire will make a good substitute if no eBike rated tires are available when you’re in a pinch.

The desirable characteristics of a good eBike tire are something heavier, thicker, and designed for touring and flat protection. At Propel, we’re a big fan of Schwalbe tires.

Keep your tires pumped: It’s important to keep your tires inflated to the appropriate pressure. Not sure how much pressure your tires will allow? You can always find the PSI printed on the side of the tire. We recommend acquiring a floor pump with a gauge so you can see the PSI as you’re pumping air into the tire and so you can prevent adding too much or too little air.

Adjust your air pressure depending on the terrain: For riding on the road, such as pavement or asphalt, a firmer tire inflated toward the maximum end of the range is preferred. This will help prevent pinch flats from potholes and curbs and also keep your rolling resistance to a minimum. For off-road riding or for more grip, a little less air pressure is recommended to allow the tire to compress and conform to the uneven surfaces.

Updated on December 21, 2022

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