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What is the enviolo CTV Hub?

The continuously and stepless variable planetary transmission enables cyclists to effortlessly change from one gear ratio to the next. Shifting while pedaling under high capacity has never been easier with Enviolo hub.

Standard Enviolo Features

The features mentioned above are shared between the two transmission types, Manual and Automatiq. Now, let's go over the differences.

Manual Transmission

The stepless manual technology paired with a twist shifter makes changing gears as easy as turning up the volume on a stereo. Unlike other shifting systems, where you need to be pedaling to change gears, the Enviolo Manual can be shifted while riding or even when at a dead stop. These features allow riders to focus on the important aspects of a bike ride such as traffic or scenery. No more step changes, locked gears, empty pedaling, or creaking, just a unique ride feel created by the technology’s ease of use.

Automatiq Shifting

The stepless automatic technology takes the rider experience to the next level with the "set it and forget it" approach. All you need to do is set the cadence, and the automatic shifting technology will adjust the Enviolo system, so you can keep the same pace, even when riding up or downhill.

Automatiq Extra Features

Enviolo Hubs

There are three hub types made for different riding styles; City, Trekking, and Heavy-Duty

Check out this video to learn more!

Updated on August 11, 2022

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