Bosch Battery overview

Bosch eBike rechargeable batteries are an efficient, long-lasting power source. Featuring an extended range, long service life, and an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), Bosch lithium-ion batteries are among the most technologically advanced on the market. In addition, they are lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to recharge and install. The Battery Management System that comes with these high-quality lithium-ion batteries detects potential error sources and protects cells from overheating. Bosch has the perfect rechargeable battery model for every type of eBike, from rack batteries to frame batteries as well as integrated solutions. The Bosch DualBattery solution, for example, is perfect for Hybrid eBikes, long-distance commuter eBikes, or cargo eBikes, delivering up to 1,250 Watt-hours.

Battery Mounting Positions



Updated on December 21, 2022

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