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How do I remove the rear wheel and fix a flat?

If you’re out on a ride and you get a flat, you don’t want to get stuck pushing your 50lb+ eBike to the nearest bike shop (or home, or maybe the car, whatever is closer). Bringing an extra tube, tire levers and a small tire pump on your ride can help save you some headache.

Check out this video by ParkTool for the steps on how to fix a flat;

If you know how to remove and install your wheels, then this is as far as you’ll need to go in this section. For those of you who don’t, check out these videos below courtesy of ParkTool and Riese & Müller that go over the removal of different wheel setups.

The video above quickly shows how to remove a front wheel, but removing the rear wheel takes a couple of extra steps. This video below touches on front-wheel removal but also shows you how to properly remove a rear wheel with a chain and derailleur.

Many of the electric bikes we sell have a belt drive system with an internally geared hub, as opposed to the traditional steel chain and derailleur. In this case the process for removing the rear wheel will differ depending on the hub and generally requires tools.

Rohloff E14 Wheel Removal

Helpful tip: when removing a wheel from an eBike with a belt tensioner, Rohloff or otherwise, instead of releasing the spring (the shoelace trick shown in the video), you can simply deflate the tire (though if you have a flat, this might not be an).

Enviolo Nuvinci Wheel Removal

Enviolo Automatiq Wheel Removal

Shimano Nexus Wheel Removal

Updated on December 21, 2022

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