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What is a Cargo Bike?

There are different types of cargo bikes. Though they are all built with the same intent and purpose; bearing heavier loads than your typical bicycle. Whether you plan to carry a child or three, using a bike for business, or planning a long trip and need to carry your home on your bike, a cargo bike can come in handy when planning to load your bike with extra weight.

We are going to briefly go over the cargo types you will find at Propel;

The Longtail or Midtail

Longtail or Midtail (or rear-loading) bikes have an extra-long wheelbase at the back, which holds an extended, built-in rack to carry cargo or children. With all sorts of accessories available, it's easy to customize the rear rack to be fit for your needs.

If a rear-loading eBike sounds like a good and convenient way to get around town and carry everything you need, then check out the Riese & Muller MultichagerBenno Boost E 10D, or Tern GSD.


Also known as Long Johns, Bakfiets, or box bikes. They have a very long wheelbase at the front with a smaller front wheel, with the cargo area sitting low to the ground between the handlebars and front wheel. These are great for parents who like the idea of having the kids in view while out on a ride, or those who want to use a bike for business.

Like what you hear? Take a look at the Urban Arrow Family, Riese & Muller Load 60, Load 75, or if you're looking for a trike we have the Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E

Updated on August 18, 2022

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