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Propel’s eBike storage policy

Running our business requires quite a bit of overhead costs in order to rent retail and storage space.  As a result, we must charge a storage fee for unattended bikes that were dropped off for service and the service has been completed and new bikes for customers who choose in-store pick up.

To ensure fairness, we will attempt to contact you for pickup once and then again via Phone and Email if the first attempt is not responded to.  After 3 attempts to contact the customer for pickup, we will begin to charge a storage fee calculated at $10/day.  **We will notify you of this fee when we contact you to coordinate pickup**. Exceptions will be made for customers who inform us ahead of time that they will not be available on specific dates to pick the bike up.

Exceptions will also be made for service customers whose Work orders are heavily delayed due to reasons beyond the customer’s control.  For our purposes, heavily delayed is defined as a Work order that takes more than 1 month to complete.

Updated on December 21, 2022

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