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Tern Accessory compatibility chart

Accessory GSD v1 GSD v2 HSD Vektron Quick Haul NBD

Clubhouse Mini
Storm Box
Storm Box Mini
Storm Shield
Storm Shield Mini
Sidekick Wide Decks
Sidekick Double-Wide Decks
Lockstand QuadStruts
Lockstand Extensions
Sidekick Wheel-Guard*
Atlas Kickstand
DuoStand v2**
Sidekick Foot Pegs
Sidekick Lower Deck
Sidekick Foot Rests
Sidekick Stirrups
Clubhouse MadPad
Soft Crate Mini
Dog Roof Mini
Cargo Tray
Branding Board
Glove Box
Transportuer Rack
Hauler Rack
Quick Release CMT
Luggage Truss CMT
Ride Pocket
Cache Box
Sidekick JoyRide Bars
Sidekick Bars
Shortbed Tray
Cargo Hold 37 Panniers
Cargo Hold 52 Panniers
HQ Bag
Go-to Bag
Batten Straps
Pannier Adapter
Dry Goods Bag
Bucket Load Pannier
Weather Top Bag
Pack Rack***
Kontti Basket
Sidekick Seat Pad
Market Basket
Luggage Truss G2
Hold ‘Em Basket
Bottle Cage
Bossless Bottle Cage


*Make sure you choose the correct wheel guard set for your eBike (HSD or GSD)

**Requires DuoStand Kit for installation on HSD Gen 1 models

***Compatible with KICKfix RackPack bags and baskets

Updated on December 21, 2022

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