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What’s included with a major tune-up?

Major (Class 3) Tuneup $400 + the cost of parts when needed (est. $275)

For bikes that are ridden heavily, and/or throughout the winter (est 2000-6000mi intervals or 6-18 months depending on use)


  • Full inspection and bolt torque check
  • Brake caliper and lever adjustments, including pad resurfacing, topping off brake fluid, brake burping and/or bleeding, and labor for installing new brake pads, rotors, levers, and calipers (but must charge extra for routing a new hose)
  • Derailleur adjustments, labor for cleaning or installing drivetrain components (chain, cassette, cogs, chainrings, crank arms)
  • Major wheel truing
  • Headset adjustments (but not overhauls or replacements)
  • Hub and bottom bracket adjustments and overhauls
  • Labor for installation of grips, pedals, saddle, tire, wheels, brake levers
  • Surface cleaning

Does not include:

  • Wheel building, rim or hub replacements
  • Routing new brake lines
  • Internal routing of electrical and shifting cables
  • Headset and fork overhauls or replacements
  • Electrical systems diagnosis and component replacements
  • Detail cleaning
  • Installation of accessories
  • Custom fabrications and retrofits
Updated on December 21, 2022

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