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Why are eBikes so expensive??

Oftentimes, when folks check us out for the first time, they are usually surprised when they learn that our price range starts at $3k and can go all the way up to $15k if you get all the bells and whistles. There are many factors that go into bike pricing: frame material, individual parts & components, bike brand, and in the case of eBikes the electrical system plays a very big part in determining price as well.

To learn more, read on!

Frame material;

Modern bike and eBike frames are made from steel, aluminum (alloy), or carbon fiber. There is also the rare, but existent bamboo and wood bikes but we aren’t going to talk about those today.

  • Steel was the main material used to make bike frames up until around the mid-1990s when aluminum started gaining popularity. Steel frames are still made today, but steel is heavier and more expensive to mass-produce when compared to aluminum.
  • Aluminum is the most popular material currently used in the biking industry for being a lighter metal and for its affordability in mass production.
  • Carbon Fiber is gaining in popularity as it is lightweight and tough, but carbon frames are in the highest price range since it is expensive to mass-produce, similar to steel.

Most eBikes are made with aluminum in an effort to keep the weight and the price down, most eBikes we sell are aluminum. Propel does carry one steel frame eBike, the Benno RemiDemi, and one carbon fiber eBike, the Flyer UPROC6 eMTB.


Parts & components;

Brakes, shifters, pedals, handlebars, grips, drivetrains, tires, rims, and anything attached to the bike frame are considered parts and components and generally come from third-party manufacturers. These manufacturers usually have low, mid, and high-end component options for various degrees of riding, available at different price points. Just remember that “low-end” doesn’t equate to a bad component, but more likely it would require more frequent maintenance and possibly need replacement sooner compared to something with a higher rating and higher price range.

Example: A Shimano brake set on the lower end of the price range would need the brake pads replaced more frequently when compared to brakes from the same brand at a higher price range. This depends on the material the pads are made out of, the thickness of the pads, or both. Of course, there are other factors can affect the life span of brake pads, including rider’s use, riding style, terrain, etc.


Bike brand;

Similar to other consumable product brands like Gucci, Adidas, Amazon products, etc., the brand name can affect the price tag. But it is not only the name that determines the price, the product material used, the overall design and construction play a huge role as well. And of course, as mentioned above, the parts and components equipped on the bike or eBike can make or brake your wallet. There are a few big name brands out there that build bikes to be set at different price ranges for different types of riders.

Example: A novice or occasional rider doesn’t really need a lightweight bike with precise stopping power in the same way a committed road bike rider/racer climbing and descending 3,000ft every ride would. Though that’s not to say you shouldn’t get such a bike if your heart desires.


eBike electrical system;

Motor, display, battery, internal connections and wiring, and weatherproofing are a few factors that play a role in the quality and reliability of an eBike’s electrical system.

Since eBike are still in their “wild west” phase, there are still pretty loose rules and regulations for what is considered standard practice. This makes it easy for a consumer to spend $400-$900 on an eBike that might look pretty cool, but breaks down after only a few months, leaving you with a broken eBike, a broken heart, and an empty wallet.

Saving up a little more money, doing some good research, and investing in a quality eBike might hurt your savings account in the beginning, but you’ll be saved a lot of headache and stress in the long run. However, most bike shops, including Propel, have financing options available so you can get the eBike you want now and pay over time.

Our Brands

Now that you have an idea of what goes into the price tag of an eBike, let’s talk about the eBikes at Propel.

We specialize in providing high-quality eBikes, built to last. But what does this mean and how do we determine that? It all starts with the “e” part in eBike, the electrical system. Although we carry various brands, they are all equipped with the Bosch eBike Systems. With a wide variety of options for motors, displays, and batteries, Bosch ensures there is an eBike out there for anyone and everyone looking to electrify their riding experience. The brands found at our shops provide great aftermarket support and good warranty programs that help us, help you to stay on the road for years to come.


Why Bosch?

Propel has been in the eBike game since 2011 and has tested out various brands along the way. Through trial and error, Chris has found that eBikes equipped with the Bosch eBike System are reliable and built to last for years, making them perfect for anyone from the novice to the seasoned rider. Bosch will also service components for the life of the bike, even if parts have been discontinued from their catalogue.


Updated on December 21, 2022

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