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How big is this [Riese & Muller] cargo bike?

A few questions to ask yourself when looking for a cargo bike would include; what is this bike for? How many kids am I going to carry (if any)? What is the maximum weight I plan to carry? And of course, how big is this bike??

Here we will go over the measurements and dimensions of each front-loading cargo bike offered by Riese & Muller.

Please note all measurements are in millimeters.

Load 60

1,845mm= 72.6in | 2,485mm= 97.8in

590mm= 23.2in | 565mm= 22.2in

525mm= 20.6in | 490mm= 19.2in | 450= 17.7in | 565mm= 22.2in | 590mm= 23.2in | 390mm= 15.3in | 425mm= 16.7in

250mm= 9.8in | 135mm= 5.3in

470mm= 18.5in | 460mm= 18.1in | 300mm= 11.8in

260mm= 10.2in | 125mm= 4.9in

260mm= 10.2in

Load 75

2,005mm= 78.9in | 2,645mm= 104.1in

740mm= 29.1in | 710mm= 27.9in

555mm= 21.8in | 520mm= 20.4in | 470mm= 18.5in | 710mm= 27.9in | 740mm= 29.1 | 290mm= 11.4in | 390mm= 15.3in | 440mm= 17.3in

300mm= 11.8in | 475mm= 18.7in

250mm= 9.8in | 445mm= 17.5in | 260mm= 10.2in | 100mm= 3.9in

475mm= 18.7in | 470mm= 18.5in | 285mm= 11.2in

Packster 40

1,660mm= 65.3in | 2,270mm= 89.3in

Packster 40 w/ Box

310mm= 12.2in

190mm= 7.4in | 415mm= 16.3in | 220mm= 8.6in

Packster 40 w/ Carry System

415mm= 16.3in | 305mm= 12in | 450mm= 17.7in

290mm= 11.4in | 410mm= 16.1in | 330mm= 12.9in

Packster 70

1,870mm= 73.6in | 2,490mm= 98in

595mm= 23.4in | 525mm= 20.6in

605mm= 23.8in | 525mm= 20.6in | 680mm= 26.7in

For additional questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 646-736-7716, or shoot us an email at hello@propelbikes.com.


Updated on December 21, 2022

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