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Intro to Bosch Cargo Line Motor

For making deliveries to customers, picking up the kids from school, or shopping for groceries, Cargo Line, which is designed specifically for cargo bikes, makes transport easy and convenient. Whether or not you are carrying goods, the Cargo Line Drive Unit responds precisely and predictably in every situation. For the 2021 model year, the Cargo Line received a software update: In addition to a stronger torque of 85 Nm, cargo bikers benefit from a more dynamic set-up. The motor now delivers even more powerful support at low cadences – giving riders greater momentum when starting off or accelerating. This makes everyday transport a more relaxed experience and guarantees maximum fun when making deliveries.

Tech Specs:

Support Level (%):                                Maximum Drive Torque (Nm);                        Maximum Cadence (rpm);

TURBO: 400                                         TURBO: 85                                                     >120

SPORT: 240                                          SPORT: 60

TOUR: 140                                            TOUR: 50

ECO: 60                                                ECO: 40

Updated on August 17, 2022

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