Warranty Claim Process

  1. Before submitting a claim, keep in mind that warranty eligibility is based on product defects, not product problems due to wear.
  2. Not all components that fail, fail due to defects. Many times a component will fail due to misuse, abuse, overuse or poor assembly. These are not eligible for warranty coverage.
  3. Anything that pushes the applied use of the bike outside the bike’s original intended use parameters, this is considered misuse and likewise is not eligible for warranty coverage unless defined by an extenuating circumstance such as improper or false advertising, lack of OEM parts availability, and other extenuating circumstances that may arise.
  4. Every warranty claim consists of a process that begins with our Shop’s associates and mechanics investigating the issue reported by the customer. After we have collected all pertinent data needed to submit a complete claim, then we investigate the issue reported by the customer with the help of the manufacturer. Once the manufacturer reviews and discusses the case with us, at this point, our shop may be eligible to be reimbursed for the parts and labor involved to repair the specific issue. Without completing the claim, there is absolutely no assurance that our Company will be reimbursed for parts and services rendered to the customer during the warranty process.
  5. These are rough guidelines to help everyone understand what processing a warranty claim looks like. Not every warranty claim can be boiled down to a template, and from one product manufacturer to the next there may be big differences among the scope of what is covered and under what terms something might be covered. For example, Brose claims their warranty coverage starts at the product’s manufacture date, whereas most other brands consider the warranty period beginning with either the date of purchase or date of the customer receiving the new bike. In this example, there could be a 1 or 2 year difference in how the warranty period is defined.
Updated on December 29, 2022

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