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Which ABUS lock is best for me?

ABUS stands for August Bremicker & Sons, the name of the founder of the company. Since its establishment in 1924, ABUS has been the leader in security innovation and is the inventor of the U-lock and folding lock. These locks are the #1 lock brand of choice in Europe and a very popular option for eBike users. At Propel we carry them for their excellent quality, and also for the additional convenience they offer for our customers to get additional locks that share a key with their bike’s battery lock.

Choosing a Lock Type

Everyone has slightly different scenarios for when, where, and how long they need to lock up. Here are some scenarios that might help you decide which lock or locks will work for you!

Some people like to travel light and don’t want to have to carry a bag or pack just to hold a lock. In this case, it would be ideal to have a lock that comes with a bike frame mount like the Bordo 6000, which can be attached to the water bottle cage mount or strapped to the frame. There are U-Lock options, like the Granit X-Plus 540, that can also be mounted on a bike frame.

Many e-bikes come with a frame lock in addition to a battery lock. If this is the case, there is a special type of chain lock you can plug directly into the frame lock. These are very convenient, because they do not require an additional key or a combination. They are relatively thin as far as chains go.

If you live in a high theft area, you might consider getting two locks. In these situations, most people go with either a chain or folding lock for locking one wheel and the frame to an immovable object (like a bike rack), then use a U-lock to secure the other wheel to the frame.

Maybe you and your partner plan to ride together a lot and lock your bikes together when you’re out. A chain lock may be ideal since they come in various lengths and are pretty flexible. Two locks is also a good choice, since one can lock the bikes together, and one can go to an immovable object (like a bike rack).

Chain Locks

6KS Frame Lock Extension

  • For ABUS frame lock plug-in; lock the frame to a fixed object
  • 6mm or 8mm thick
  • Has a mesh cover to protect your frame
  • Compatible with frame lock 4960, 5650, 5850, and 5950

Granit City X-Plus 1060

  • 10mm links, power cell, power link
  • Special hardened steel
  • XPlus is the highest cylinder level
  • Propel offers lengths 85cm, 110cm, and 140cm


Granit City 1010

  • 9mm links
  • 1010 is hard to key alike
  • US cylinder
  • Propel carries lengths 85cm, 110cm, and 140cm


Folding Locks

Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500

  • Strongest Bordo lock, 5.5mm steel bars w/ special rivets
  • X-Plus cylinder
  • Available as alarm and smart (Spring ’22)
  • Propel has 85cm and 110cm lengths


ABUS Bordo 6000 Alarm

  • A best seller
  • 5mm steel bars w/ special rivets
  • Plus cylinder
  • Comes in 90cm


Bordo Big Alarm 6000A

  • Emits 100db alarm; can distinguish between picking attempts and small vibrations
  • 5mm steel bars w/ special rivets
  • Plus cylinder
  • Propel offers 120cm



Granit Plus 470

  • Hardened 12mm parabolic shackle
  • Automatic cover to protect the keyhole from contamination and corrosion
  • Great protection where there is a high risk of theft
  • Can be keyed alike with compatible locks, to operate multiple locks with the same key


Granit 640

  • 12mm hardened steel, round shackle
  • Highest security mini u-lock by ABUS
  • Made of special weight-optimized alloy and light materials
  • Available sizes: 6 inch or 9 inch


Granit X-Plus 540

  • 13mm hardened square shaft parabolic shackle, powercell
  • Specially hardened steel
  • X-Plus cylinder
  • Offered in 9 inch or 11 inch


770A SmartX

  • Bluetooth connect to your Smartphone with the ABUS app
  • Keyless entry
  • Lock owner can allow temporary or permanent use for other users
  • Alarm emits 100db when triggered


Granit Extreme 59

  • 16mm square parabolic shackle; double-locking
  • Manufactured using specially hardened steel
  • X-Plus cylinder
  • Hard to key alike


Keyed Alike Compatibility

ABUS offers a special program called “One Key,” through which you can order custom versions of certain locks that will share a key.

If your bike battery uses an Abus lock, chances are good that you can order additional locks that share the same key. There are few instances in which you would need to replace the battery lock and order a new one, which is easy to do but requires a bit of labor to install.

How it works:

  • “Plus” locks can be keyed-alike with other Plus-compatible locks
  • “X-plus” locks can be keyed-alike with other X-plus compatible locks
  • Key card will say whether it is plus or X-Plus
  • Plus and X-plus cores are not compatible and can not be keyed alike to each other
  • T82 locks are not able to be keyed-alike, but they can be replaced with Plus or X+ locks


Updated on February 18, 2023

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