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What is Riese & Müller’s warranty policy?

Riese & Muller Warranty

In accordance with the law, your bike dealers also vouch for the fact that your bike is not affected by defects that could ruin or reduce its value or fitness for purpose. Your entitlement to this protection ends two years after pick-up when you purchase a bike. Regardless of the legally prescribed liability for defects, Riese & Müller grants a five-year guarantee for breakage of the frame or rear swingarm.

Furthermore, we grant you a voluntary warranty on the battery of two years: we guarantee that the battery will still have a capacity of 60% after two years or 500 full charge cycles (whichever happens first). All warranty promises relate to private customers in the initial purchase.

How to register for the Premium Guarantee

First: Register for the My Bike Service platform by Riese & Müller and activate your My Bike Account. In the My Bike Service platform you can always access all the information about your bike and administrate your personal data and services at any time.

Second: Now you can easily add your Riese & Müller bike to your My Bike account, thereby registering it for the premium guarantee right after the purchase.

This warranty, which goes beyond the requirements of statutory legislation for defect liability, will only apply if the following requirements are met:

  • You are the first owner of the bike.
  • You have registered your bike online within four weeks.
  • The bike logbook in the appendix of the operating instructions has been completely filled out and all of the inspections listed there have been carried out and entered by the dealer.

In the event of a claim, the fully completed bike logbook**, together with the frame or cleaned entire bike, must be sent in. So please keep this documentation in a safe place. We will replace the faulty frame or rear swing arm. Labour costs for conversion and shipping costs will be charged. This warranty only applies to the first person to purchase the bike.

Any claims outside this warranty, e.g. for compensation or inability to use the bike, will not be entertained.

The original duration of the warranty is not extended by any warranty service. Damage caused by wear, neglect (failure to maintain and care for the bike), crashes, excessive strain caused by excess loads, incorrect assembly and handling or any changes to the bike (attachment or conversion of additional components) is not covered by this warranty. No warranty claims can be made if the bike is used in competitions, jumps or if exposed to extreme strain of any other type.

**Note: when processing a claim with Propel, we do not, as a rule require proof of the logbook’s completion. All of our assemblies for Riese and Muller’s go through the same full inspection, whether the bike is picked up locally, shipped 90% or 100%, and the information required in the logbook is captured in our inspection process. On the other hand, for warranties processed directly with R&M, or other R&M dealers, this will likely be required.  If you need a copy of your bike’s assembly inspection, just reach out to us. The logbook is intended to safeguard against misuse, improper assembly, and other substandard practices which should not be covered under warranty, but rest assured, if we assemble your bike, we follow the same top-to-bottom inspection process on all R&M bikes we sell and will be happy to coordinate for any warranty claim requests that may arise.

Updated on May 15, 2023

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