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What is Urban Arrow’s warranty policy?


Urban Arrow offers a 5-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects to the frame, 2 years for the drive system, and 1 year for the components with the exception of parts subject to daily wear and tear, such as tires, tubes, and chain. Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, and normal wear and tear is not covered. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of Urban Arrow bikes or accessories.


Urban Arrow guarantees that this product has been manufactured according to the latest European safety standards and quality requirements applicable to this type of product and that this product, at the time of purchase, has no defects in workmanship and material. During production various quality checks have been performed. Should it happen that, despite all our efforts, during our warranty period(s) your Urban Arrow shows a material and/or manufacturing fault (with normal use as described in the manual), then Urban Arrow is required to respect this warranty. If you feel your warranty should be applied or if you want detailed information on the application of your warranty please contact your Urban Arrow dealer.


The following warranty stipulations apply to your Urban Arrow*. All terms are applicable counting from date of purchase.

  • A five year warranty on the frame and the fork except for wear parts.
  • A two year warranty on the paint and on visible rust from the inside.
  • A two year warranty on all other parts. Wear parts such asthe tyres, the chain or belt, the pedals, bearings, the seat belts, ball ends, etc. are exempt from this warranty.
  •  A two year guarantee on the battery. The capacity of the battery will decrease depending on the number of charge cycles and battery life. This decrease in capacity is not covered by the warrant,
  • During the valid warranty period(s) all parts where Urban Arrow has determined that there is a construction or a material defect, will be repaired or reimbursed at Urban Arrow´s discretion. The factory warranty can only be claimed upon presentation of the original purchase invoice.* The warranty stipulations are applicable only by the first owner.

Your warranty will be voided or will not be applicable in case your Urban Arrow (and/or its parts):

  • Has been altered in its construction. Never make any modifications to your electrical drive unit or fit any other products which would be suitable for increasing the performance of your e-bike.
  • Has seen insufficient maintenance (for sufficient maintenance, please follow the service plan as described in chapter 11).
  • Has been misused or has been involved in an accident.
  • Has defects following normal wear.
  • Has been damaged during transport.
  • Has been damaged through mounting accessories (such as bags) not sold or produced by Urban Arrow.
  • Has been used differently than the product is intended for.
  • Has continued to be used despite damage and/or defects have been found, and this made the damage worse.
  • Has not been maintained/serviced by a registered Urban Arrow dealer.



Only a qualified bike dealer should perform any necessary work on the drive system. Unauthorized work on any of the drive system parts could endanger you, and your warranty may become void.


Claiming warranty:

  • Complaints and warranty claims will be dealt with by your Urban Arrow dealer. In the event of complaints or questions about the warranty, your Urban Arrow dealer will always be your first point of contact, since this is where the contract of sale was concluded. Urban Arrow will then make a definitive assessment on whether the warranty applies. The dealer must send the part in question, together with the purchase invoice, to Urban Arrow, stating the complaint.
  • Your dealer may charge you for any assembly or dismantling costs.
  • Your dealer may charge you for the transport charges associated with getting the bicycle and/or parts from your dealer to Urban Arrow


A claim honored by Urban Arrow under these warranty terms and conditions does not constitute any admission of liability on the part of Urban Arrow for any loss or damage suffered by the owner or third parties. Any liability on the part of Urban Arrow for consequential damage is hereby excluded. The liability of Urban Arrow is limited to whatever is set out in the warranty terms and conditions, unless otherwise arising from a mandatory legal provision.


Urban Arrow has taken great care in compiling these warranty terms and conditions. But liability as a consequence of printing or typographical errors is excluded.

Updated on December 21, 2022

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